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Ruutly creates standout job postings, so you can target, attract and engage the outstanding talent you need.

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The best job postings = the best candidates

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This is how you change the game

Impressive first impression

Say goodbye to “one-size fit all” text-based job postings. First impressions are lasting and today’s top talent has choices. Ruutly will help you make a great impression by putting your candidate experience first and make it easy for them to choose your company.

Spend smarter. Not harder.

Ruutly focuses specifically on building a quality, top-of-the-funnel candidate pool that will help you maximize your recruitment ad spend. You'll be where your candidates are and we'll help you reach-out based on who they are.

Unparalleled insights

Do you know how candidates are interacting with your job postings? We are just as data driven as you are. We prioritize providing meaningful analytics so you can see precisely how your job postings are performing.

Made with you in mind

You don’t need a designer or the I.T. department to use Ruutly. Creating a posting in minutes is dead simple. Sharing it? Simpler.

Go beyond job boards

Top talent isn’t hanging out on old school job boards. They’re looking at your careers page and social media. Spread your Ruuts where top talent can see and maximize your employer-brand reach across multiple channels.

We play nice with others

No extra assembly required. No extra software. No extra work. No matter what ATS system you use, Ruutly will integrate seamlessly so you can continue to focus on what you do best.

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Your goals. Our priorities.

In talent acquisition, your goal is to attract and acquire right-fit, right-time hires, all while being able to minimize cost and maximize impact. Ruutly delivers on all fronts. Here’s how:

1. Control the candidate experience

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Ruutly will more than double the time spent candidates your job ads. That means better informed candidates who better understand the role, your company and their fit.

2. Track everything

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Ruutly provides meaningful data so you can see precisely how your candidates are interacting with your job postings. No time, money or talent will ever go wasted.

3. Multi-channel reach

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Extend the reach of your employer-brand by adding social-sharing and scalability to your job postings. Fill your top-of-the-funnel talent pool by spreading your Ruuts. Anytime, anywhere.

This is Ruutly

Ruutly was born out of a simple idea: job postings have not changed since job postings were invented. Boring talent away with outdated, "one-size fit all" text-based job postings is too big a price to pay for the investments that you make into talent acquisition strategies and employer brand presence.

Ruutly is a talent acquisition tool engineered to give you complete control over a consistent, employer-branded, candidate experience that will enable you to attract and acquire right-fit, quality talent while providing unparalleled insights into how your job postings perform. Any company can create text-based job postings. They've been doing it for decades. But creating a meaningful candidate experience that speaks directly to the talented candidates you want to target? We've got you covered.

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Great features

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Real world case study

After just twelve weeks of implementing the widget into the job postings on their careers page, award-winning airline Air Canada, achieved the following:

  • 12 Weeks Calendar Icon
  • 65,000+ Widget Sessions Keyboard Icon
  • 510,000+ Widget interactions Mouse Icon
  • 6,500+ Apply Clicks Mouse Pointer Icon
  • 150+ Email Shares Mail Icon

“Working with you has been easy. Implementation has been simple. Since the beginning, I’ve always received quick responses. Your customer service and after-sales support have been great.”

Francois-Xavier Henri
Talent Acquisition Manager, Air Canada